Tiger Woods and PEDS

The question has arisen in the past as to whether Tiger Woods has ever used performance enhancing drugs (PEDS). It’s not so simple as a yes or no answer, but one can look at certain characteristics to asses probabilities.

Consider the following:

  1. In the early part of the 2000’s, three athletes dominated their sports like no other athlete before or since, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Tiger Woods.  The first two on this list are known PEDS users.
  2. Besides their success, they all share one other characteristic, which is a narcissism of the highest order. That is to say, they don’t see themselves as needing to follow the rules that lesser mortals are subject to.
  3. Tiger has been injured a lot more than any other golfer I can think of.  The truth is, it’s not that grueling of a sport.  His many injuries are, at minimum, curious.
  4. Tiger cheated on his wife with a rather startling enthusiasm.  In addition, he’s the worst tipper on tour.  Here’s guy worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and he can’t be bothered to give a valet five dollars?  What’s that have to do with anything, you might ask.  Well, it suggests that doing the right thing isn’t at the forefront of his decision-making.
  5. Last season, he committed a couple of known rules violations, as called out by the Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, one in which the ball moved at address.  He claimed the ball only “oscillated,” but it clearly moved, which would have cost him a stroke.  So, again, rules are to be ignored if you’re the ubermensch known as Tiger Woods.
  6. His name has been connected with a doctor who was a known to prescribe HGH. The doctor claims he never provided HGH to Tiger, but silence can always be bought.
  7. The PGA tour does test for PEDS, but consider this.  Tiger Woods is the face of that organization.  His presence at any tournament increases viewership by several-fold.  If he did test positive, would it be in the tour’s interest to announce such a thing.  It would not.  In fact, it would be financial suicide.  Sponsorships would fall by the wayside.

What does this all add up to?  Certainly, there’s no hard evidence that Tiger has ever used PEDS.  But, given what we know, the probability is certainly well above zero.

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